July 31st , August 1 - August 2, 2015  Clayton Arena - Clayton, New York


Junior High Tournament Format: 20 Team Championship Bracket.  Teams will wrestle 4 or 5 bouts each. Junior High Eligibility:  Any wrestler entering grades 7 - 9 (NOT 6th) the fall of 2015 that were born on or after Sept.1, 1999.  Junior High Bout Length:  Three1 minute periods

 H.S. Tournament Format- 48 teams. Every team will wrestle 5 or 6 dual meets (win or lose). All 48 teams will start out in the Gold Bracket. The 16 teams that lose in the first round will move to the Silver Bracket for a separate tournament. The 8 teams that lose in the first round of the Silver Bracket will move into the Bronze Bracket. Gold Bracket Round of 32 losing teams will move to the Red Bracket. Second round losers of the Red Bracket will move into the White Bracket. Losers in the Gold Round of 16 will move to the Blue Bracket.  When everyone has had two bouts we will end up with six 8 team tournaments and teams will wrestle out for team titles in those 6 divisions

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 Mail to: Pat Conners
25 Roberts St
Adams, New York 13605



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