The rewards that come from the sport of wrestling go far past the winning of medals. Wrestling is the vehicle that drives us to out work everyone around us. Training at the Orchard Wrestling Club, you will notice quickly that the wins that come on the wrestling mat are nothing more then the bench mark of the amount work, sacrifice and dedication that you have put in. We have developed a sound method for improving the over all experience and relationship with the sport so that it can be applied to every aspect of the students' life

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 The Orchard Wrestling Club has proven to be one of the country’s best wrestling training program. Beginner to advanced experience, we offer the resources it takes to be the best. Throughout Orchard Wrestling Club’s existence we have created some of the best wrestlers of the time as the cycle roll through. Renowned wrestlers developed at the Orchard Wrestling Club Include local heros, Jordan Borroughs, Eric Ring, Mark Ring, David Thomasetti, The Smith Brothers, Dave Williams, Taylor Walsh, Vince Jones, Tom Curl. Absagami’s Black Brothers,



Orchard Wrestling Club stands alone for providing personalized mentoring, instruction and training for beginner to advanced wrestlers. With a long list of proven winners, and an even longer list of long-time wrestlers, the Orchard Wrestling Club has proven that our system builds a love for the challenge and the rewards.


In addition to wrestling, Orchard Wrestling Club prides itself on developing true Student / Athletes. We have relations with most wrestling college and universities. Orchard Wrestling Club Wrestlers have enrolled attended or we have personal relations with coaches from, Drexel, Lock Haven, Rutgers, Rider, TCNJ, Johnson & Wales, UT-Chatanooga, Penn State, Duke, Brown, Hofstra, Columbia, Univ of Maryland, Princeton, Harvard, University of Virginia, , University of Indiana, , Bucknell, George Mason University, NC State, US Marines, US Army.


It is the goal of Orchard Wrestling Club to help build on each wrestlers’ existing talents and help them to improve in areas in which they may be lacking. The Orchard will also work to strengthen each wrestlers commitment to wrestling by instilling essential values such as: competitiveness, good sportsmanship, responsibility, and respect. These values are invaluable to any successful wrestler.

The Orchard Wrestling Club  Will be relocating to a new site. 

 We will be at 541 Mantua Ave., Paulsboro starting March 1st.  The club will Meet Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm This will start the Spring Quarter and will include instruction in the International styles, both Freestyle and Greco Roman and Folkstyle Wrestling. The upcoming competition season will include the USAW Northeast Regional, the NHSCA Individual Championships, the 2014 State College Wrestling Tournament, Pemberton High School Spring Duals, MAT MADDNESS DUALS HIGH SCHOOL and K-8th DUALS at the Community College of Baltimore, Dundalk Campus. Registration for this Quarter will be done through this site



We emphasize performance on the mat, in the classroom and at home. With our proven results you can expect new confidence, focus and determination in your wrestler. Our system reinforces important life values which include but are not limited to: Sacrifice, Dedication, Hard Work, Pride and Family


Mat awareness, wrestling theory, Hand & Head Fighting, Set Ups, High-Mid-Low Attacks, Inside Leg Attacks, Outside Leg Attacks, Underhooks, Overhooks, Finishes, Counters, Defense, Leg Riding, Front Head, Tilts, Bars, Rides,

Orchard Wrestling Club is a year round institution designed and geared towards those wrestlers who desire to be a champion and are committed to doing the things that will separate them from the Average Wrestler. The coaches at Orchard Wrestling Club are prepared to give the dedicated wrestler the tools, technique, motivation and training to reach the next level. Emphasis on technique, film review and critique from the coaching staff will be provided for all levels and ages

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